Patty Bechtold, MS LPCC BCC • Counseling, Therapy & Life Coaching for Women
Locations in Sacramento & Santa Rosa CA • (707) 742-9844

Hello. I'm Patty.  
My mission is to help women heal, grow
and thrive.

I help women with:

-self esteem
-life transition/grief
-life dreams/goals
-career satisfaction
-awakening creativity
-women's groups

3065 Freeport Blvd.
Sacramento CA 95818

725 Farmers Ln.
Santa Rosa CA 95405

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Patty Bechtold, MS, LPCC, BCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor & Psychotherapist

Board Certified Life Coach

Holistic Career Counselor

Has the pressure to keep up, follow the rules and get it all done left you feeling overwhelmed?
Maybe you're stressed and anxious but have trouble slowing down.

Or you're hard on yourself and sometimes think you don't do enough. 
You might also be discouraged, doubting yourself, your career or your relationships.

Somehow your needs often get lost in the shuffle of priorities and responsibilities. On some days you're probably not even sure what you truly need or why you feel the way you do.

It could even seem like you're just going through the motions, feeling empty, depressed, worried or stuck.

In spite of all this, there's a wise woman deep inside of you who knows that life can be more satisfying and fulfilling. And it's time to feel better.

Hi, I'm Patty Bechtold, a therapist, life coach and career counselor in Santa Rosa and Sacramento who wants to help.

For more than 15 years I've been a counselor, coach and wisdom circle guide for women. Throughout the years I've met so many women who place high expectations on themselves to be perfect and figure things out on their own. The irony is that most of us actually thrive in partnership with other women, especially when we're in a safe and nurturing space.

I'm passionate about helping women like you find more ease, balance and fulfillment, and I offer an open-hearted atmosphere where you'll be fully seen, heard and understood. Wherever you are on your journey, I'll meet you right there.

You don't have to do it alone. And the good news is that counseling and life coaching really can help you feel better.
  • Be kinder to yourself and get more comfortable in your own skin
  • Know yourself better and feel free to be who you truly are
  • Build your resilience to bounce back and adapt to life transition & change
  • Develop deeper relationships that bring more connection and love
  • Increase your confidence to make decisions and move forward
  • Discover yourself, your dreams, your deep desires & your direction
  • Take action on intentions and plans you've put on the back burner
  • Open up to a purposeful life filled with wisdom, joy and meaning
Therapy, Coaching & Counseling Services in Sacramento & Santa Rosa

Since one size most definitely does not fit all, I offer integrated services all along the continuum of counseling and coaching. I meet with clients in both my Sacramento and Santa Rosa offices, as well as by phone/Skype for distance counseling and coaching.

Psychotherapy and Individual Counseling :: relieve anxiety and depression • heal self-esteem and past hurts • nurture yourself and your needs • build self-reliance and resilience • feel more hopeful...READ MORE

Life Transition Coaching :: ease the turbulence of transition • explore your values for your next life chapter • make space for experimentation and curiosity • take action on life dreams, desires and goals...READ MORE

Holistic Career Counseling :: discover a purposeful career path • explore new ways to work • recover from burnout • increase job satisfaction • regain confidence after a job loss...READ MORE

What's next? Let's explore working together so you can start feeling better.

If you're wondering if we'll be a good fit together, give me a call (707.742.9844) or email ( to get on my calendar for a free initial phone consultation. 

PLEASE NOTE: My Sacramento office schedule is full. However, I'm currently taking new clients at my Santa Rosa Counseling office. I'm also taking new clients for telephone counseling and coaching.

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